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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Healthy Snacks for Growing Boys

I’m back blogging!!! And today talking: hungry boys!! 

You may have noticed that our blog has been very quite recently, well the past couple of months really! That is because the heat was totally turned up on the Masters course I was doing! After Christmas the workload really increased and I had to zero time to do anything fun. But now I’m back!! I handed in my portfolio (similar to a thesis) at the end of April, and it only now were getting back to normality! I have been trying to keep our instagram account up to date, so for a quick synopsis on the last few months, cheek that out.

I am going to do a post soon on my experience as a student working mom doing a Masters that was incredibly academically and emotional intense. But for now I’m concentrating on the fun things!

I'm a hungry growing boy! 
Devoting most hours of most days to study,(Baby bear was with his lovely child-minder),  I completely failed to notice the amount of food Baby Bear eats theses days! His appetite has really come on. Maybe it’s a growth spurt, or him just being a boy but what ever it is its great! He’s eating everything! (well….most things!!) We have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner sorted- we have loads of dishes to make that we all enjoy etc. Snacks are my problem! You know that time between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner and dinner and tea- well Baby Bear eats at all these intervals! He’s great on fruit, so lots of novelty ways of eating fruit are tried and tested. Nuts and raisins are also good. But then what else can I give him to keep him ticking over? It needs to be lunch box friendly, that can be picked up running out the door to the playground, Granny’s etc...?? It also needs to be dairy free! I welcome all ideas. I’m on a mission to find and make healthy snacks to keep Baby Bear (and me and Daddy Bear!) ticking over! Any ideas I try will be posted in the ‘Diary Free Recipes’ tab!

How our Muesli Bars turned out. 
Today we tried Granny Jane’s Muesli Bars. Any time we go to Granny Jane’s in Kilkenny she has lovely baking done. These Muesli bars are always delish so I gave them a go (recipe in ‘Dairy Free Tab’). They turned out lovely, not as nice as Granny Jane’s so must ask her for tips at the weekend. Baby Bear and I have just had one with a cup of tea and honestly I’m stuffed! They are a bit crumbly so maybe next time ill put more coconut oil. I’m not convinced about the ‘healthiness’ part however. There is a lot of sugar and honey, and there are also coconut flakes, which a friend said could be high in fat! Eek!!! There is some goodness in them though as they are packed with seeds and nuts! Look it ,it’s better than a bar of chocolate, keeps up ticking over until dinner, recipe makes a good patch that are easy to grab and go, so for my first day of the healthy snack mission, its not a bad start at all!

Ill try again tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Would love any ideas for other recipes.

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