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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Birthday Party Prep!

BiRthDay pReP! 

Baby Bear turns 3 next Monday and so we are celebrating his birthday this weekend. I actually cannot believe he will be 3. I know people say it all the time, but God time really does fly! Birthday's were always a really special day when I was growing up. There would be weeks of preparation, making of list of guests, food to get, baking to be done, games we could play, what we would wear etc. My parents had and still have a way of making us feel really special on the day of our birthday. This is something both Daddy Bear and I want for our son. So when the Christmas decorations came down on Monday (all bar the crib) it was straight into preparing for Baby Bear's 3rd Birthday!

The Present

While shopping for Christmas presents we came across lots of gifts we wanted to get, but held ourselves back, saying we'll get it for his birthday! Can we recall what theses were? Not at all! So we got our thinking caps on. We both wanted to get him something for outside. And cue the BEST presents I ever (well to date!) came across! 

1. The Radio Flyer Tricycle 

I LOVE it! For all the obvious reasons. However, Baby Bear already has a Tri cycle and a Balance Bike. Is there really need for another? As much as I really wanted to say yes, sensible Daddy Bear, with a nudge from my sister drew the line and this is off the list :( 

 2. The Radio Flyer wagon.

It's class! I can picture it now, Baby Bear pulling it along through the woods gathering sticks, stones and little treasures he finds with Teddy sitting on top! We could get the seat and canopy attachments and little brother or sister could be pulled along by Baby Bear on their little adventures! Ah reality check! There is no baby brother or sister on the horizon (not yet), how often do we really go to the woods, our current garden is much too small and realistically it would be left out in the rain most of the year! So....it's off the list :( :(
 Cue.....THE present!

A beanbag! And to be fair I LOVE the one we have chosen. I ordered it through rucomfybeanbags.ie and they were super helpful to deal with. It is an indoor/outdoor large size beanbag with wipe clean material. I think Baby Bear will love it too. It's needed, it's practical, it's fun and it's on the way to our house! yipee!

 Next up the Theme! 

Fireman Sam...of course! A fun loving, fire fighting, adventure seeking preschooler such as ours loves fireman sam and all the crew of Pontypandy! Woodies do a super range of party supplies in their 'party zone', its all available online. The selection is massive! Unfortunately the delivery time is very slow so panic set in! Luckily Woodies stores stock a good range of the products and I was able to get everything bar the cups in our local Woodies DIY store. 

 Lastly ...The Cake

A friend of mine who usually makes all Baby Bears cakes is unavailable for this weekend.As Baby Bear can only eat Dairy Free I was a little nervous choosing another baker. Thankfully I was recommended Lisa @ Crumbz Cakes. So far so good, she has emailed me some ideas and asked great questions to get a good sense of us, who we are feeding and what Baby Bear likes. I liked both the ideas below, so Lisa will combine both into a dairy free chocolate Fireman Sam 3rd Birthday cake! Hopefully it will be yummy and no trace of a cow in sight!  

So there you go, that's all the prep done for the big bash this weekend. I exaggerate, it's not going to be a big bash. We are brining one friend and 2 cousins to an indoor play centre and then back home for a party, some games (over on my pinterest board) and of course a slice of cake! There will be some family members coming but nothing major. Hopefully it will be a day where Baby Bear has lots of fun and feels very special the whole day long.  

Would love to hear what birthday traditions you have, party games you suggest or tips on dealing with a 3rd old! eek!!

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.

Love Mommy Bear x

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