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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Edinburgh Trip

Teddy and the 3 Bears visit Edinburgh 

While it seems like a month ago now, it was only the weekend  before last that we visited Edingburgh and had a brilliant time. The dreaded flu did follow Daddy bear over and hit me at one point but we'll just sneeze breeze past that part!

 Getting there....

We got the early morning (6.40) flight from Dublin. Ever the optimist, we fitted all our 'stuff' into just 2 pieces of hand luggage! Thanks to Granny for the much more compact red case (and for packing it!)

When we arrived in Edinburgh we had the whole day ahead of us which was brilliant.We were really lucky to have my sister and her boyfriend pick us up at the airport. They had hired a car seat and we were very happy campers to see it fitted correctly and ready for Baby Bear. Once we were all strapped in, our hand luggage in the boot, we were ready to see the sights of Edinburgh! As we drove back to my sisters apartment we were given a whistle stop tour of the city. Baby bear fell fast asleep in the back, only waking when the car stopped. My sister is a Home Economics teacher and the breakfast spread she put up for us was to die for! Freshly baked breads, cereals, fruits, selection of milks and juice and the the good fry up. AND then there was DESERT! The nicest dairy free chocolate cake we have EVER tasted was presented to Baby Bear and I on account of our birthday's that past week. We stuffed our faces! Im licking my lips as i type! It was delish! (I have posted the recipe she used under dairy free cooking on the homepage).
THE cake!

The sights......

We saw loads and our days were jam packed. If we had to pick, our top three it is:

Daddy Bears pick: (written by Daddy Bear): climbing up to Arthurs Seat is definitely a must see, a 360 degree view of Edinburgh is worth the struggle up with a very tired and cranky baby bear who we carried in the buggy three quarters of the way up. The buggy was soon hidden in the bushes and  we continued on with Baby Bear on my shoulders but we finally got there and Baby bear was soon happy as David produced a bag of Jelly tots. In the end Arthur seat was well worth the struggle for a beautiful view of an even more beautiful city.

Mommy Bears pick: Afternoon Tea at the Balmoral! It was a birthday treat with my sister and it was pure luxury and relaxation. The service, the food, the teas, the atmopshere, the bagpiper, the harp player, the take home tea samples....it was all heaven. I will def be back! I would really reccomend this for any ladies travelling to Edinburgh.

Baby Bears pick: "The museum with the animals and the playground" We went to the National Museum of Scotland and it really was  a highlight! Granted Baby Bear was asleep for the first hour, so got the 'boring stuff' out of the way then but there is LOADS of kids to see. There is a whole floor of life size animals, a space exploration area and a super kids area. Baby Bear loved partaking in a archaeological dig (kiddie version), exploring wildlife and matching artifacts. The playground of course was a favourite! Anything outdoors is a winner!

 Homeward Bound....

Having arrived at the airport with enough time to grab a coffee and juice we sat and tucked into the last piece of THE cake and it was delish! We found that sucking on a lollypop (or 2!) was a real success to prevent ear pain on the way over, so we thought it would work just aswell for the flight home. Having stocked up at the airport we were ready for the homeward flight. Once all buckled in, lollypops at the ready the plane began to move, we were not yet the air when Baby Bear fell fast asleep. Baby Bear slept happily until landing, Mommy Bear and Daddy Bear relaxed, had a little snooze and woke in time to be ready for landing. A very satisfactory flight to end a super weekend break, and Teddy had a great time too! 

 Thanks for the super hospitality Johanna and David x 

All in all, Edinburgh is a brilliant place to visit, lots to do for all ages in all weather. If going this time of year, do wrap up and be prepared for walking and outdoors! We're already looking up flights for a return trip!

Edinburgh, we will be back!

                    See you soon Auntie Johanna xx

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