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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Toddler Travels....visiting Edinburgh

Toddler Travels........Visiting Edinburgh

This weekend Daddy Bear, Mommy Bear and Baby Bear are flying from Dublin to Edinburgh to spend a few days with my sister and her boyfriend. We've never been to Edinburgh before so we are very excited about it. Well hopefully we'll make it! Ireland rarely gets snow, so when we do it's a BIG deal! Fingers crossed! Actually It's double fingers crossed that Daddy Bear's Passport arrives before we leave! I no, I no: men! So...if we get going at all, here is a glimps of how it will (hopefully) be.

Things to bring...

 Baby Bear got lots of super presents for Christmas and also for his Birthday that will come in really handy for this trip.  He is dying to get a use out of his suitcase!

It will be a tight squeeze but hopefully we'll manage to fit most of Baby Bear's clothes into his Olaf suitcase. Optimistic? Possibly!

 The Kurio tablet will be great for the flight. We have it ready with a mixture of games, puzzles, colouring, reading and episodes of his his favourite programs. We are hoping to pick up a pair of child friendly head phones at the airport if we can.

Receiving this airport set as a birthday present was a great start to the week. Baby Bear dosn''t remember being on a plane before and is now very excited. The plane in this set will easily fit into my handbag so can be brought along to play with.

Things to Do...

We have no major itenary for this trip, which is nice. We plan to just enjoy spending time with my sister and her boyfriend and the sights they show us. Daddy Bear is a big Harry Potter fan so is looking forward to walking around the old town and visiting the cafe where J.K Rowling sat, wrote and created the fairytale. Mommy Bear is looking forward to strolling around, eating cake, drinking coffee and enjoying the weekend away. Baby Bear will be more than happy finding a playground to run around, getting loads of attention from his auntie, and racing to the top to see the castle. 

Any suggestions or tips for our trip are as always very welcome.. I will post letting you know how it goes.....if it even happens! 

Hope your enjoying our blog, thanks for reading,

Mommy Bear x

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